Wiki for dummies !

Modify a page : click "edit" then modify and click "save".

Share your files : click "file" then click "upload", select your file and once uploaded, click it. Once you have finished, click "save" to save your modifications.

Edit navigation : click "edit navigation", then modify and click "save".

Chat with other people with "discussion"

Want to know what's up ? Check it in "recent changes"

Create a new page : click "new page" then name the page, modify or just save the empty page. The page will be available in "manage the wiki" then "pages". Create a link with "link" and enter the page name in "wiki link" -> "page name".

Example : creating "intermediate report"


Insert a link selecting the text in relation with the page then click "link" and enter the page name. As well, insert external link, copying the URL in external link.


Click "add link" then "save"... You have created your new page !

support_239x179.jpgAny question ? Don't hesitate to post a message.

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